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Geoff in Spain


Durham Tennis Academy is run by LTA Pro Coach Geoff Henderson, former county player at senior level and recently veterans level.

Thank you for looking at my website, I hope to give you an insight into what has been acheived from a small site in Durham.

I am proud of the fact that The Academy has remained independant and produced some excellent  players over the years with some girls and boys going on to play for their school team, county and country . At present, Joel Woodward aged 12, has reached number 2 in the County with Harry Cookson age 12 number 1 in the county and ranked in the top 30 in GB a fantastic achievement by both boys who are now playing national evnts around the country too .

Both these boys are now being invited to National tournaments around the country by the LTA; not many boys are given that honour .

I acknowledge the kind help I have received over the years from Durham High School for Girls, from whom I hire the facilities, also Bowe, Durham School.

In previous years and particularly last year 2014, we achieved some wonderful results producing  players who have gone on to join county squads at the top Northumberland Academy in Jesmond, from the age of 6 years. The main aim of the Academy is to let children and teens to learn and  enjoy the game of tennis which I believe is a truly great sport, something that can be played for fun, socially or seriously, you decide. A  TRULY LIFE LONG SPORT unlike others which only last until you leave school !! 

We have groups of all ages training with us and the Academy is one of  the leaders in the area for top performers and with a 30 year history of acheiving outstanding results 

We have an indoor facility for use throughout winter too, so no stopping for bad weather. It's continuous coaching at the academy, all school holidays have tennis mornings so no missing training here!!

My thanks to all the coaches who come in and help me support our great youngsters. 

Come along to one of our sessions and see what is on offer!!

Thank-you for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon.

Come to the Summer schools and see what you can learn and improve on 

Geoff Henderson

Director Of Tennis